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We provide schools and the parents with an easy and secure way to signup for and pay school lunches. Gone are the days where volunteers had to sit down to process every childs paper lunch request and tallie up the totals for the cook. Gone are the days when checks get lost on the way to school. No more papers to fill out.

What we offer gives the school lunch team an easy way to fill out the school lunch calendar and set up a payment deadline (if needed). Parents can then login an sign their children up for specific days and specific lunch items. Parents have a choice of paying for the lunches online (Google Checkout or PayPal) or sending a check to school with the child. If the check does not arrive at school the school lunch team can notify the parent that they did not receive the check and the parent can make sure the money arrives before the deadline. No more missed lunches!


Security is our top priority!

Affordable and Easy

This service is free for parents and very affordable for schools. There is no work for your school's IT department as everything is hosted on our webservers. As we recognize that not every school lunch program is the same we offer customization of our service to your school's specific needs.

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